Why? Because having a budget suggests it’s a strict control and you’re not allowed to spend anything. It’s better to call it a spending plan.

A spending plan will motivate you to take control of your own finances by:

  • Getting out of debt and staying out of debt
  • Creating a nest egg for unforeseen expenses
  • Resisting the urge to spend impulsively
  • Achieving goals that you have set for yourself and your family

At Sanlam Key Solutions, we understand the importance of money and how it can affect your sense of well-being. Creating a spending plan is an important step towards taking control of your finances and creating a better you.

So what gets in the way

When you talk to most people they know that they need to get their money under control, so what’s stopping them? Everyone has their own reasons for not getting to grips with managing their money and a spending plan.